Meet Me <3

I am just an older teen girl with an inner desire to be the true me 100% of the time. I do struggle with it very often, but I am constantly learning how to improve myself.

Things I enjoy/love:

  • God-obviously 😉 I cannot do anything without Him

  • Family-I LOVE my family so much! I hope to start my own one day!

  • Sunsets-I am ALWAYS taking pictures of them!!

  • Long walks-It’s a very good time to clear my head and admire God’s creation

  • Baking & cooking-I love food, what can I say?!

  • Meeting and talking to new people-Although I am not the best at it and I am an introvert 😀

  • Shopping-Even if I don’t buy anything!

  • Snuggling in bed with many blankets on a rainy day with a good book in one hand and some herbal tea in the other 

  • Pillows & blankets-SERIOUSLY, I LOVE THEM!!

  • Going to church and youth group-Not so sure how many teens enjoy this, but I most definitely do!!

  • Crafting-I enjoy making home decor. and upcycling old clothing


  • Pinterest-I know, I know. Sorry, I just had to put it!!

  • HUGS!!-I really enjoy hugging people! ( want to know a lil’ secret? Just about  every time I hug someone I am not only hugging them, I am also praying over them! Shhhhh….don’t tell  😉 )

  • Apparently I also like to make lists of the things I like!! I could go on forever!! But, I think that is good for now!!



Color: Orange & Yellow

Season: Y’all, it is definitely FALL!!

Food: I cannot even do this…..It’s all delicious!!

Animal: Another hard question!!

Ice cream flavor: MINT CHOCOLATE CHIP

I just realized this “favorites” list could go on forever! Just comment and let me know if there are any I should cover!!


I am just going to end this right here! Maybe I will add some more about me later, but for now this shall do!!