Letting go…..

It is time for me to let go. 

This is the only thing that I know.

It took me awhile to get to the truth.

At least I figured it out while I am still in my youth!

I questioned my decision for a little while.

Then God confirmed it and now I can’t help, but smile.

There are times in our life when we need to be set free.

We need to let go of the things that hold us, even if at first it’s not our cup of tea.

All things will workout, for God is on my side.

Now I just need to relax and in Him, abide.



What I am all about

Hello readers! I decided to start this blog, because I need somewhere to write about my journey, my life. I need a place that I can share my life moments, both good and bad. A place that I can be real and completely open about my feelings and opinions. Someplace others can come to and find relatable stories and experiences. A place where readers can be uplifted and become aware of the fact that they are not the only ones! A blog that I can let out all I am feeling and allow myself to become vulnerable. I want this to be a blog where not only I can be genuine, but also my readers to be as well.

Life is full of amazing moments, but there are also not so good ones as well. We all struggle at times, it’s going to happen. I am hoping that I can create an atmosphere of total honesty with this blog. I want to share my difficulties, my joy, experiences, questions, and anything that God may place on my heart.

So, now that we have the introduction to the overall purpose of this blog, let me introduce myself: I am an older teen girl. (Please don’t undervalue what I am capable of, just because I am young!).

My name? Well I prefer to remain nameless, for now anyways! I am in love with God! I strive to let Him direct each and every move I make. Of course that is not easy, nor is it always possible, but it is great to try! I want to become the best me I can be through Him, and I will continue and press towards that until the day I die. I believe in God the Father, I believe in Jesus Christ, and I believe in the Holy Spirit (sort of a take on “We Believe” by the Newsboys!)

I really enjoy listening to music, and I enjoy singing! I like baking and being creative in everything I do! I LOVE helping people in anyway they need, whether that means prayer, yard work, a listening ear, a back rub, or a simple hug. I love when people are being themselves, no matter how quirky or awkward they are. EMBRACE IT!!

That was just a little about me and my blog. If you have any thing you’d like me to answer, whether about my blog or my personal self, just let me know in the comments! I hope you have an amazing day

Blessings ❤️